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  Relay Connector Kit (SPDT) 280-ISO    

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Item Code: RYCS-005
Weight: 60.69GM
Brands: Racetronix
Manufacturers : Racetronix
Stock: Yes
Categories: Relays & Kits - Automotive

RYCS-005 - Racetronix 280-ISO Sealed Relay Kit SPDT 12V 40A/30A

This relay kit includes the following items:

- Racetronix 12 Volt 40/30 Amp 280-ISO S.P.D.T. (5-Terminal) Automotive Relay
- Weatherproof / sealed socket assembly
- 10 / 12 Gauge contact terminals (3 + 1 spare = 4)
- 16 / 18 Gauge coil terminals (3 + 1 spare = 4)
- Wire seals Blue (3 + 1 spare = 4) + Green 3 + 1 spare = 4)
- Terninal Lock
- Stainless Phillips self-tapping mounting screw

This relay and socket set are currently the same components used in many Racetronix production harnesses which may be exposed to dirt and / or moisture. When assembled properly the relay and socket make a waterproof seal. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. The push-to-seat terminals used in the relay socket are easy to service because they can be removed from the bottom of the socket. The Racetronix 280-ISO relay is a high-quality factory epoxy-sealed unit. The epoxy seal prevents the relay's silver contacts from corroding during storage and operation. Most relays of this type rely solely on the socket seal where this relay provides a second level of protection. A corrosion-resistant removable mounting bracket is fixed to the back of the relay.

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