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Battery Junction Block Kit (Cable+Block)

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Item Code : BPC-001K

Battery Junction Block Kit (Cable+Block)

BPC-001K - Battery Junction Block Kit _


1 x 18" 8-Gauge Racetronix Power-Flex 133-Strand Power Cable fitted with 10mm and 5/16"

If you are running out of space to hook up your power accessories look no further. Racetronix has bundled Delphi's popular battery junction block with a custom-made Racetronix power cable. This 8-gauge power cable is made with our custom Power-Flex cable which has 133 strands of fine copper so that it is ultra-flexible and easily routed in tight places. This is special cross-linked automotive wire *. One end is fitted with a 10mm ring terminal for the junction block. The opposite end is fitted with a 5/8" ring terminal which is most commonly used with battery nuts (listed below).

* Cross-linking chemically alters the PVC insulation, making it more durable and resistant to heat and abrasion. This wire withstands prolonged temperatures of up to 257ºF without melting or fusing. Insulation has a smooth surface finish. Operates optimally between the extreme temperatures of -49ºF to 257ºF and -45ºC to 125ºC at 12 volts. Resistant to moisture and most solvents. Our Power-Flex automotive wire meets or exceeds S.A.E. specifications J1128, Ford Spec. M1L85-A, Chrysler spec. MS 5919, and Packard spec. M-2023.

NOTE: Racetronix recommends the use of our GMBT-B battery nuts when used with side-terminal batteries. If you are using a top-post battery these nuts are not required.




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