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FL98 / TPI Fuel Pump Assembly (RXP255)

Item #: FPA-019

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FL98 / TPI Fuel Pump Assembly (RXP255)

FPA-019 - TPI / L98 Camaro / Firebird / Trans AM 1985-1992* ...

Racetronix Fuel Pump Assembly

The Racetronix FPA-019 high-performance fuel pump assembly is capable of supporting approximately 550RWHP* @ 13.5V @ 43.5PSI using the factory lines and fuel pressure regulator when installed in combination with our FPWH-005 upgrade harness. HP support will vary based on motor B.S.F.C., maximum fuel pressure (i.e. F/I motors), target A/F and supply voltage. Please factor in a 20% safety margin between what your motor needs and what your fuel system can supply.

Many 3rd generation f-body cars have bulkhead connectors which are in very poor condition. We highly recommend that they be replaced with our BCWA-FL98HD wiring assembly to prevent wiring and pump failure as well as potential motor damage. Inspect the condition of your bulkhead wiring. If it is poor condition it must be replaced.

This fuel pump assembly must be used with our fuel pump upgrade harness FPWH-005 to provide full performance and reliability.

Please contact your local Racetronix dealer to discuss your fuel requirements

This kit was engineered for use with the factory Delphi hanger 25027221 / FL0115. We cannot guarantee compatibility with aftermarket hangers. Please submit your VIN number via our contact us form if you are not 100% sure of your application. No returns on open-box pumps.

Buick Electra 1989-1990
Buick LeSabre 1991
Chevrolet Camaro 1985-1992
Oldsmobile 98 1989-1990
Oldsmobile Delta 88 1991
Pontiac Bonneville 1991
Pontiac Firebird 1985-1992

  • Racetronix RXP255 255LPH turbine fuel pump with reduced noise and enhanced reliability with ethanol- enhanced fuels
  • Filter sock - 30 micron filtering
  • In-tank wiring harness / adapter
  • High pressure fuel line
  • Stainless gear clamps
  • Pump mount grommet
  • Pump sound insulation sleeve
  • OE-Style molded tank gasket

The Racetronix RXP255 pump uses new turbine technology to reduce pump noise, improve reliability and provide enhanced compatibility with Ethanol enhanced fuels.

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