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Impedance Converter System V8 / AEM

Item #: ICS-8AEM

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Impedance Converter System V8 / AEM

ICS-8AEM - Impedance Converter System V8 / AEM

Impedance Converter Harness

The Racetronix ICH harness makes installing an impedance converter box with low-impedance injectors a simple, quick and reliable plug and play job. Simply plug the ICH harness into the factory injector connectors and into your new low impedance injectors. Each injector connector is embossed with the cylinder number for easy identification. Plug in the impedance converter box, hook the harness to your battery and you are done. You no longer need to cut and splice your factory harness when running high-flow low impedance injectors. The RX-ICH supplies power directly from the battery through a high-quality 40 amp relay and heavy 10 gauge wire to the injector harness and converter box. This design provides maximum consistent voltage to the injectors. Maximum stable voltage translates to faster and more consistent injector operation. As with all Racetronix harnesses no attention to detail and quality of workmanship has been overlooked. All wiring is automotive-grade for maximum oil, gas and heat resistance. The main harness is covered with 300F rated Nylon loom. The injector harness has a woven black fiberglass loom covering all injector wires which provides the ultimate in protection while at the same time a great appearance. All harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability. As with most Racetronix harnesses the RX-ICH is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Although this harness was measured for use in a LS1 car there are other applications which may fit. Please use the following lengths to determine if the RX-ICH will work for you.

  • Battery connections to fuse holder / relay 12"
  • Relay to driver box 28"
  • Driver box to injector harness connections 40"
  • Injector harness
  • Cylinder A/B 24.0"
  • Cylinder C/D 20.0"
  • Cylinder E/F 15.5"
  • Cylinder G/H 12.0"

This harness uses Minitimer injector connectors. These connectors are used on most high-performance injectors, aftermarket PCM harnesses and in many production vehicles dating from the mid 1980's up until just after Y2K.. The Minitimer connector is sometimes referred to as EV1 connectors.

Injector Harnesses

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