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Pump Wiring Kit MP150/280, W450 CK*

Item #: FPWK-017WD

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Pump Wiring Kit MP150/280, W450 CK*

FPWK-017WD - Fuel Pump Wiring Kit MP150/GT280 Walbro 450/525 98-03 GM SUV CK

This kit has all the parts required to upgrade the factory wiring on GM factory vehicles equipped with the older-style 4-position 150-series fuel module connector to the new-style GT-series connector system. The older-style 150-series connectors are known to fail over time so GM/Delphi has switched all new-production modules to incorporate the GT-series connector system which has twice the current capacity. This fuel pump wiring kit is a must when upgrading to new high-performance pumps which draw 2-3 times more power than a factory pump.

This fuel pump wiring kit contains the following items:

If the vehicle has had the factory module replaced then most likely the vehicle harness has had its 150-series connector replaced/spliced with a 280-series pigtail. This splice is included with most new modules. Our FPWH-023 harness is required so that the chassis connectoris compatible with the 280-series input connector on our FPWH-023 upgrade harness.

Always check the pump polarity markings on top of the pump. RED +, BLACK -

Fuel Pump - Hotwire / Upgrade Harnesses

FPWH-017 - Fuel Pump Harness MP150S-4M > GT280S-4F (Qty:1)

Bulkhead Connectors

RCS-028 - Connector, Fuel Bulkhead 4-Way 280/150 (Qty:1)

Fuel Pump In-tank Wiring

ITWH-029 - In-tank Harness, MP150/280 4W> DCSS 8" (Qty:1)
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Original Price: $104.00