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Pump Wiring Kit MP280, W450/525 X CK*

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Item #: FPWK-022WDX
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Pump Wiring Kit MP280, W450/525 X CK*

FPWK-022WDX - Fuel Pump Wiring Kit GT280 Walbro 450/525 04-11 GM SUV CK XL

This kit has all the parts required to upgrade the factory wiring on GM factory vehicles equipped with the new-style GT-series connector system. GM/Delphi has switched all new-production modules to incorporate the GT-series connector system which has twice the current capacity. This fuel pump wiring kit is a must when upgrading to new high-performance pumps which draw 2-3 times more power than a factory pump.

This fuel pump wiring kit contains the following items:

This kit is not compatible with fuel pump modules which use the APEX2.8 connector which looks very similar to the Delphi GT280 connector used in this kit.

This harness may not be used with vehicles equipped with the FPMS (Fuel Pump Management System). Please check your VIN with your local GM dealer if you are not sure.

Always check the pump polarity markings on top of the pump. RED +, BLACK -

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