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Universal HP Single Fan Harness Kit

Item #: FNWK-002

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Universal HP Single Fan Harness Kit

FNWK-002 - Universal Single Fan Harness Kit


  • Weatherproof construction
  • Fused circuit
  • 30-amp heavy-duty relay with EMI suppression (ECM / PCM safe)
  • Heavy-duty 10 Gauge wire handles heavy loads with minimal power loss
  • Harness relays can be positive or negative switched
  • Iinstallation hardware included


  • Direct battery power removes excessive loads from factory wiring, relays and fusible links
  • Improved voltage supply = improved air flow├é

Many new OE and aftermarket dual fans (ie SPAL) draw upwards of 30 amps continuously. This harness is ideal for people looking to run high-power fans without the worry of electrical failure or performance loss. This harness is contructed using 10 gauge wire, weatherproof high-current relays and connectors. This harness can handle up to 30 amp loads and still be reliable in the harshest environments. The + and - coil wires for both relays are extra long so connecting them to the control of your choice is easy. This harness can be controlled with a simple switch, or with a stand-alone fan controller. The relays have EMI suppresion resistors in them and draw aproximately 100mA (1/10 of an amp) so they are safe to connect to most engine management computers which have fan control regardless of wether they have pull to postive or pull to negative control outputs.


This harness comes pre-packed with 30 amp ATC fuses. If you require fuses for different loads please visit our fuse section by clicking >HERE<. Know you load requirements!
This harness comes with two fan connectors and terminals which are rated at 30 amps nominal. Basic crimping and soldering skills are required to install these connectors.

Racetronix harnesses are considered the best by which all others are judged. Attention to detail in every Racetronix harness is evident at first glance. Racetronix spares no expense to ensure reliability, ease of installation and performance.
All Racetronix harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability. This Racetronix harness is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

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