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When weight savings are critical, the best hose end option for our 600 Series or 700 Series Hose is from our complete range of swaged style hose end fittings. meeting the demanding requirements of the Worlds top racing Professionals allows us to offer this full range available in JIC/UNF, metric, British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads, Banjo Fittings and three Way Fittings. all have been tried and tested in the upper echelons of world motorsport, racing's most severe conditions, and are proven in their quality of engineering, workmanship and finish. With the continued growth in world motorsport popularity, automotive and motorcycle manufacturers and race fans have asked for the safety and reliability of race type products in a form legal for use on public roads. Goodridge has designed, manufactured and built a swage style hose end for brake systems that meets regulatory requirements (including TUV and DOT) in every corner of the world. our exclusive swage tail design, and unique method of attachment are the keys to our success. TUV and DOT certification has been achieved in all of our available fitting materials. the following pages show the most popular fittings for brake and clutch applications. a full range of JIC/UNF, metric and BSP adaptors have also been developed for use with these fittings.

Fitting Type
Swage / Crimp
Brake / Clutch
To Suit Hose
600 / 700

Material / Contruction

Zinc Plated Carbon Steel

AllowCC: True