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83 lb/hr Import Low-Z Fuel Injector

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01D143x - 83 lb/hr Low-Impedance Import Fuel Injector

These are factory new injectors. We do not offer reconditioned / used injectors.


  • Low-impedance coil works with peak / hold injector drivers.
  • Injectors sold in packs are dynamically flow-matched to within 1% tolerance.
  • Injectors sold as each are as per factory tolerance specified.
  • High-speed disc action allows wider dynamic flow range for improved idling and quieter operation
  • Design resists build up deposits which can affect fuel flow and cause clogging
  • No fuel leakage for quicker starts
  • Longer service life
  • O-ring lubricant supplied


  • Static flow: 80.2 lb/hr (606 grams/min)
  • Dynamic flow: 17.16 mg/pulse
  • Coil resistance: 2.2 Ohms
  • Spray pattern: Cone
  • Connector type: Minitimer (EV1-style)
  • Dynamic tollerance: +/-6%
  • Time offset: ms
  • Linear PW (min): ms
  • Peak / Hold current: 4 / 1 Amps

All tests run with n-Heptane @ 20°C (+/-1°C), 3.0 Bar (+/-0.01 Bar), 14VDC (+/-0.05VDC), saturated driver with resistive / capacitive or 70V zener cutoff. Dynamic rate @ 2.5ms @ 10ms period (100Hz)

Injector flow rates are based on testing with n-Heptane test solvent (0.6855 g/ml). U.S. EPA emission test gasoline 40CFR86.113 (0.735g/ml) flows in most common injector designs at about a 3 to 4% higher rate than n-Heptane. A ratio of 1.035:1 can be used when converting the flow specifications above.

* Advanced tuning data available in our support forum for confirmed Racetronix customers only.


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