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900 LPH E85 HP Dual Pump Assembly (2 x F90000274 Pumps)

Item #: TI-TCA955


per EACH

Quick Overview

  • Dual Walbro F90000274 E85 Fuel Pumps*
  • Integral check-valves prevent backflow allowing pumps to be staged
  • Factory pre-assembled
  • Filter socks, fuel tubes, y-coupler all factory assembled as show in picture

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This is an obsolete Item

The TCA955 reduces the amount of labor and fabrication normally required to assemble a dual DCSS E85 compatible pump assembly. When combined with Racetronix wiring and plumbing solutions this assembly can support in excess of 1,400HP (HP support will depend on pump voltage, operating pressure, motor BSFC, target A/F, system flow capability and fuel type). Please the add-on items to the right of this page for professional installation results.

F90000274 factory-set safety pressure bypass 110 PSI+. Suitable for forced induction applications.

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