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Chrysler 4S O2 Sensor Extension

Item #: O2EXT-C4S-24


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O2EXT-C4S-24 - Chrysler Square 4-Position 24" REGULAR

  • Fully Plug and Play with the factory harness and sensors
  • Crosslinked automotive wire (Packard spec. M-2023, -49ºF to 257ºF, 2 x 16 AWG heater wires, 2 x 18 AWG sensor wires)
  • High-grade Nylon loom / conduit (GM spec. GMP.PA6.003, -40ºF to 300ºF)
  • Connector locks
  • One-piece terminal and loom lock (on applicable models)
  • Heat shrunk loom ends (on applicable models)

Racetronix oxygen sensor extensions allow for easy relocation of oxygen sensors. This is perfect for the installation of headers which require the oxygen sensor be moved further downstream.


  • Please see connector view for compatibility