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Connector, Fuel Bulkhead 4-Way 280/150

Item #: RCS-028


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RCS-028 - Connector, Fuel Module Bulkhead 4-Way 280/150

This Delphi connector is used in many late-model GM and aftermarket fuel modules. This connector mates with the connectors shown under add-on items to the right of this listing. This connector is designed to mount in specific Delphi fuel modules only. It can not be universally mounted on flat surfaces.


  • Delphi GT-Series atmosphere-side connector supports fuel pump current draw up to 30 amps
  • 2 x Delphi 280-Series vapor-side terminals supports pump current draw up to 30 amps
  • 2 x Delphi 150-Series vapor-side terminals support current draw up to 14 amps
  • Fitted with o-ring
  • Dielectric lube / grease packet supplied
  • This connector may be used to upgrade/replace the Delphi 4-way 150-series connector (BCA-F99) used in many early GM fuel modules which is prone to failure especially when using high-performance pumps. The external mating connector/terminals (atmospehere-side) and internal fuel pump connector body/terminals (vapor-side) must be changed for compatibility. The 150-series internal level sender terminals are compatible with the vapor-side connector body.
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