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In-Tank Harness, C56 APEX>Walbro

Item #: ITWH-033


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ITWH-033 - In-tank Harness, C56 APEX > Walbro

This in-tank fuel pump wiring harness allows a fuel pump with the common Tyco / Walbro connector to plug directly into the factory APEX bulkhead connector's in-tank (vapor side) connection.

  • Tyco / Walbro style power connector common to most aftermarket HP pumps such as Racetronix RXP, Stealth, AEM, DW etc. *
  • 10 Gauge wire supports pumps up to 28 amps
  • Teflon wire insulation is compatible with all fuel types
  • Fine strand count maximizes flexibility given the wire's heavy gauge
  • APEX connector plugs directly into factory bulkhead connector / no splicing
  • Preserves factory static grounding system

Always check the fuel pump connector for properly polarity to prevent pump damage. Some pumps have their polarity reversed. It is a simple procedure to reverse the terminals if required. This procedure is covered in our support forum.

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