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Oetiker Clamp - 10.8-13.3mm

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OCLMP13.3 - 10.8-13.3mm SS Single-Ear Hose Clamp

  • Size: 10.8-13.3mm
  • Ear type clamps "breathe" and adapt to the expansion and contraction of hose affected by thermodynamics or aging- no need to retighten
  • Clamps are lightweight and compact - important when bulky screw-type clamps interfere with limited space applications
  • Provides a tamper-proof seal without damage to the hose
  • Made of UNS S30400 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel
  • Features a mechanical lock at the joint instead of a spot weld -- prevents failure due to corrosion
  • Design guarantees 360° seal preventing leaks on soft or thin walled hose or tubing
  • One-ear design allows easy accessibility
  • Narrow band concentrates transmission of clamping force, less weight
  • Clamp ear compensates for component tolerances, adjustable surface pressure
  • Dimple increases clamping force, spring-effect compensates for changes in diameter due to thermal expansion
  • Specially formed strip edges reduce risk of damage to parts being clamped

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