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Prof Mstr Fuel Injection Service Kit


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Availability: YES

Item Code : 213-OTC6550PRO

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213-OTC6550PRO - Professional Fuel Injection Service Kit

The new 6550PRO Professional Fuel Injection Master Fitting Kit from OTC puts a full coverage fuel system service kit in your toolbox & greater service opportunities in your shop! Perform fuel pressure testing, diagnose weak fuel pumps or restricted filters, test for fuel flow & perform leak-down tests. Use to clean injectors & intake systems.


  • Comes with an analog fuel pressure gauge. The pressure testing manifold is
    designed with a bypass valve letting the technician perform basic fuel flow
  • Domestic, Asian & European. Each adapter works with Schrader valve
    fittings to ensure user safety by preventing fuel spray when connecting or
    disconnecting the pressure gauge (included), the fuel line, or an accessory
    like a cleaning canister.
  • All seals & o-rings are made with highly durable Viton material to prevent
    swelling or cracking when exposed to gasoline, alcohol blends & even the
    most aggressive injector cleaning chemicals.


  • 0-100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge gives precise pressure readings as well as
    a view of pressure sweeps during the testing analysis.
  • 47 OTC fuel injection system adapters each with a quick connect Schrader
    Valve - more adapters than any other kit we have found giving the best
    coverage of any kit on the market!
  • Replacement Seal Kit

A printed copy and download link of the the operator's manual is provided with purchase.