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F98 Fuel Pump Assembly - Performance


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Item Code : FPA-002A

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FPA-002A - 1998 LS1 Camaro & Firebird - Performance Upgrade Pump *



  • 1998 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird / Trans Am*
  • * For 1999-2002 vehicles please > CLICK HERE <


  • High-performance up to 600HP
  • Racetronix 255LPH turbine fuel pump with reduced noise and enhanced reliability with E-85 enahnced fuels
  • Suitable for normally aspirated and forced induction motors
  • Red anodized billet T6 aluminum pump assembly for simple drop-in installation
  • Plug and play upgraded Teflon wiring harness (no adapters required)
  • Factory-type high-pressure non-kinking fuel tube
  • 30-micron filter sock for best performance/protection
  • All components come pre-assembled
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Installation hardware & instructions included
F98 Fuel Pump Module

The FPA-002A incorporates our new RXP Turbine-Tech fuel pump which supplies 225LPH of fuel @ 58.0PSI @ 13.5V*. Racetronix RXP pumps use new turbine technology to reduce pump noise, improve reliability and provide enhanced compatibility with Ethanol enhanced fuels. The FPA-002A pump and FPWH-002 harness are recommended for factory HP upgrades to 600HP @ 58PSI using the factory lines and fuel pressure regulator. HP support may vary based on motor B.S.F.C. and maximum fuel pressure (i.e. F/I motors). Please factor in a 20-25% safety margin between what your motor needs and what your fuel system can supply.

* Our FPWH-002 wiring harness is required for for a HP pump to meet stated performance specifications because the factory wiring was not designed to handle high-performance pumps which draw more than twice the power of a factory pump. A performance reduction of 15-25% in pump performance can be expected along with reduced reliability when a HP pump is run off of the factory harness.

The FPA-002 incorporates a high-performance 255LPH pump but since this pump is run at a base pressure of 58PSI (vs. 43.5PSI) its flow rating drops to a nominal 225LPH @ 13.5V. This has been a constant source of confusion on car forums due to misinformation being posted.

Please contact your local Racetronix dealer to discuss your fuel requirements.

The Racetronix F98 fuel pump module is a direct-fit replacement for the 1998 factory GM pump assembly. No modification is required to the factory sending unit. Simply remove the old plastic pump assembly and put in the new one. Installation of the Racetronix F98  fuel pump module can be easily done in under 5 minutes with basic hand tools.

The Racetronix fuel pump module is designed to position the pump in the factory location for optimal performance. Should the pump ever require service, it can be removed from the module by removing two of the mounting dowels with the supplied hex key.

The Racetronix pickup adapter is fitted with a top-quality 30-micron filter sock which is recommended by Walbro for best performance and service life.

The Racetronix F98 fuel module is made from T6 high-grade aluminum which is anodized and sealed for long life.

A factory-style fuel tube is crimp-clamped to the pump's outlet for added reliability under high operating pressures. This fuel tube is more flexible and will not kink like rubber hose so it is more relaibale and easier to install. The fuel tube is highly resistant to the harsh chemicals in today's gasoline which tend to attack and dry out even the best R9 and R10 rubber fuel lines.

The Racetronix in-tank pump wiring harness eliminates the need for a wiring adapter or splicing which can be unreliable and can cause performance loss. One end the Racetronix in-tank harness plugs directly into the pump and the other end has a Delphi connector which plugs directly into the sender. Teflon wire is used just like in the factory because it is the most resistant to gasoline and its additives. We upgrade the gauge of wire used from the factory to reduce voltage loss which maximizes pump performance. All Racetronix harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability.