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BLT1 HP Fuel Pump Assembly (RXP)

Availability: YES

Item Code : FPA-004A

Quick Overview


FPA-004A - LT1 B-Body / Impala SS / Caprice High-Performance Fuel Pump Assembly

  • Racetronix RXP 255L/Hr high-performance turbine fuel pump
  • Compatible with Ethanol enhnaced fuels
  • Plug & Play Teflon in-tank harness (no adapters)
  • High-pressure non-kinking flexible fuel tube
  • Stainless hose clamps
  • Custom 30 micron filter sock
Why use a Racetronix B-LT1 Fuel Pump Assembly?

The Pump Assembly

The FPA-004A incorporates our new RXP Turbine-Tech fuel pump which supplies 255LPH of fuel @ 43.5PSI @ 13.5V. Racetronix RXP pumps use new turbine technology to reduce pump noise, improve reliability and provide enhanced compatibility with Ethanol enhanced fuels.

It is a known fact the the factory BLT1 sender suffers from corroded and burnt fuel pump wiring. Generic fuel pump kits come in-tank wiring adapters forcing you to use these old corroded and burnt wires. The Racetronix BLT1-FPA comes with a complete new gas-resistant Teflon in-tank wiring harness to replace the factory wiring. Generic kits include a piece of rubber hose to replace the factory fuel tube. Racetronix supplies a factory-type non-kinking fuel tube which is more resistant resistant to the additives in modern pump gas (i.e. Ethanol).

The Racetronix pump assembly is fitted with a factory style fuel tube not a rubber hose. This hose is important as when the fuel module is placed back in the tank it must pivot which can cause the rubber hose to kink. This fuel tube is much more resistant to the solvents in today's gas and it will not crack, split, swell and collapse like a rubber hose. The standard Walbro kit comes with a short length of rated rubber hose. Racetronix in-house manufacturing facility produces a replacement one-piece in-tank harness. This in-tank harness plugs directly into the pump and into the factory bulkhead connector thereby eliminating all the factory wiring and the need for adapters or splicing. The Racetronix harness is made with Teflon wire. Teflon is the most resistant to gas and solvents. All connections are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability. There are no wires to cut, crimp or splice.

Many of the in-tank connectors are corroded due to age. The Racetronix harness replaces all these questionable components. The standard Walbro kit comes with a plastic coated in-line wiring adapter. This adapter must plug into the existing questionable factory in-tank wiring thereby adding additional connections and length. Please consider our BLT1 bulkhead connector assembly to further enhance the performance and reliability.