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C43 Bulkhead Wiring Assembly

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BCWA-C43 - C43 84-88' Corvette Fuel Pump Sender Harness Kit

C43 1984-1988 Corvette Fuel Pump Sender Harness Kit*
(*with 3-position WeatherPack connector


  • Dual power feeds provide twice the current capacity of the factory configuration (up to 28 amps) to support newer 300LPH pumps.
  • Upgraded 12/14 gauge automotive cross-linked TXL wire
  • Ultrasonically welded splices (no solder joints)
  • Redundant ground wires which will replace most factory bonded ground wires found on old senders
  • Teflon in-tank wiring - compatible with all types of fuel
  • Vapor-proof / certified bulkhead connector compatible with existing factory hole
  • Compatible with Walbro GSS294M 255LPH and other HP pumps*

*The fuel pump connector polarity must be reversed when used with other Walbro GSS-series, Aeromotive, Deatschwerks. Racetronix RXP and other HP pumps.

The external harness in this kit is designed to replace the factory bulkhead connector and wiring assembly on 1984-1988 C4 Corvettes which have a 3-position Weather-Pack connector. This external 11" harness terminal designations are as follows:


C - PUMP POWER - RED (commonly gray on factory GM harnesses)

The in-tank terminal designations are as follows:



When this harness is used in combination with our upgraded in-tank harnesses the overall resistance is substantially reduced.
using a HP pump (Walbro, Bosch, Denso, Aeromotive) this translates to an improvement of approximately 6-20% in pump performance. *

The ITWH-009H in-tank harness is designed to work with all 1985-1996 factory Delphi Corvette fuel senders only. This harness is equipped with a Walbro connector and is designed to work with Walbro GSS294M in-tank pumps. The in-tank connector polarity must be reversed for use with Racetronix RXP, Walbro GSS340M, F20000169, Aeromotive Stealth, Deatschwerks and other pumps.


The yellow bulkhead connector is OE equipment and has been pressure tested, fitted with a Viton o-ring seal and supplied with a new stainless press-on retaining clip. The bulkhead connector is a perfect match for the keyed hole the factory Corvette senders so you do not have to drill any holes or make any modifications.


The fuel level sender wire is compatible with 1990-1996 Corvette level senders. Earlier senders require that the factory violet wire be inserted into our assembly or spliced in using a butt connector.

Performance based on load tests simulating 60 PSI operating pressure at 13.5V in combination with manufacturer's published pump voltage vs. flow charts. Harness resistance tests were conducted with sustained 10, 15 and 20 and 25 amp loads measured between the WeatherPack connector and the pump's in-tank supply terminals.

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