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Fuel Tube, 500x8mm (100mm) , DWC, BLK

Item #: FFT-8X500SB


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FFT-8X500S - Fuel Tube, 500x8mm, 5x100mm Sections, Dual-Wall, Conductive, Black


  • Multi-sectional design 5 x 70mm convoluted flexible sections with 6 x 25mm straight sections for clamping
  • Made of high-tech plastic
  • Superior to all types of natural and synthetic rubber hoses (including SAE 30R7/9/10)
  • Highly resistant to solvents / chemicals in modern pump and race gas
  • Ethanol (E-10 / E-85) compatible
  • Convoluted construction allows for tight bend radius and resistance to kinking
  • Isolates / reduces noise which is a byproduct of pump pulsations
  • High-flow capacity
  • Dual-wall design for extended operating pressures
  • Conductive - dissipates static electricity
  • Mandatory for all modern cars and trucks which no longer use rubber components in their fuel system

Modern fuel systems no longer use rubber components because of their incompatibility with modern enhanced pump gas which contains ethanol and other solvents such as toluene, xylene and MTBE. Unlike these flex tubes, rubber hose will break down very quickly when exposed to these types of fluids. This will allow vapors to leach into the atmosphere and cause the hose to swell and burst. Rubber particles may also contaminate a modern fuel system causing jet pumps, siphon pumps, check valves, regulators, diverters and injectors to fail. When replacing a fuel pump in a new fuel system, it is imperative that a new fuel tube be used. Racetronix uses fuel tubes in all of its late-model fuel pump assemblies to guarantee compatibly and reliability with the factory fuel system.

Burst pressure 72-hour soak test:

  • Gasonline only > 2.5MPA (362.5PSI)
  • Gasoline + 20% Methanol >1.5MPA (217.5PSI)

Only the use of ear crimp clamps are recommended with these fuel tubes for proper sealing. These are listed under add-ons to the right of this page. Do not use gear clamps which will bind, pinch and cut into the plastic tube.

Material: NYLON
E85 Compatible: YES
Methanol Compatible: YES
Weight (non-shipping): 16.1g
Pressure (Operating): > 100 PSI
I.D. (Nominal): 8mm
Pressure (Burst): > 217 PSI
Length (Max Continuous): 500mm