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Relay Connector Kit (SPDT) MP630-ISO


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 per 10 Pack

Availability: YES

Item Code : RYCS-002

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RYCS-002 - Tyco 630-ISO Relay Kit SPDT 12V 40/30A

This heavy-duty relay kit includes the following items:

- Tyco VF4-45F11 12 Volt 40 Amp Mini-ISO S.P.D.T. (5-Terminal) Automotive Relay
- Stackable socket assembly with mounting flange and terminal lockĀ 
- 10 / 12 Gauge contact terminals (3 + 1 spare = 4)
- 16 / 18 Gauge coil terminals (2 + 1 spare = 3)
- Terninal Lock
- Stainless Phillips self-tapping mounting screw

This relay kit is typically used in applications that do not require a weather-tight assembly preferably inside the vehicle. The relay socket is designed so that many can be joined side-by-side by simply sliding them together. Locking terminals are inserted into the bottom of the relay socket. A secondary lock is inserted into the side of the socket to lock the terminals in place. The relay's mounting bracket may be removed in favor of using the socket's mounting bracket. A stainless self tapping Phillips screw is provided to mount the relay / socket. This 5-terminalĀ  relay can be used to power devices while the relay is off (terminals 30+87a) or on (terminals 30+87).