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C5 Fuel Pump Assembly HP (RXP255J)

Item #: FPA-005A


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This is an obsolete Item

FPA-005A - 1997-2003 C5 Corvette High Performance Fuel Pump System

This pump will not work on 2003 and newer fuel systems.
This would be the VIN after 114930 (last six digits) built November 25, 2002. Please see our FPA-006

The FPA-005 fuel pump module comes fully assembled with the following components:

  1. Racertonix RXP255J Turbine Jet-Pump*
  2. Bucket with checkvalve assembly
  3. Filter sock
  4. Filter screen
  5. Upgraded 14 gauge Walbro-GM Teflon harness
  6. High-pressure non-Kinking fuel tube
  7. Oetiker clamps
  8. Silicon pump seal
  9. Fully Assembled
Why a Racetronix Fuel Assembly?

Racetronix direct-fit HP Turbine Jet Pump:

The RXP255J turbine pump is a direct-fit replacement for the factory Walbro jet-pump. Direct-fit means no modification to the fuel module is required therefore the full functionality of the fill bucket is maintained. The fill-bucket allows the fuel pump to use its jet + venturi function to keep the pump immersed in fuel at all times regardless of the tank fuel level. This aids in preventing fuel starvation under hard cornering and acceleration. Keeping the pump immersed in fuel also helps prevent moisture damage which can shorten the pump's life. The RXP255J pump has the same flow as other Walbro 255LPH pumps but since this pump is run at a base pressure of 58PSI (vs. 43.5PSI) its flow rating drops to a nominal 225LPH @ 13.5V. There are no Walbro pumps which are spec'd at 255LPH @ 58PSI @ 13.5V. This has been a constant source of confusion on car forums due to misinformation being posted. This pump assembly in combination with our upgrade harness FPWH-007 will support apx. 550-600RWHP using the factory regulator and fuel lines. This HP number may be less with forced induction applications which require richer air/fuel mixtures and higher fuel pressure. Please see tech note below! Please factor in a 20-25% safety margin between what your motor needs and what your fuel system can supply. 

* Our FPWH-007 is required for a HP pump to meet stated performance specifications because the factory wiring was not designed to handle high-performance pumps which draw more than twice the power of a factory pump. A performance reduction of 15-25% in pump performance can be expected along with reduced reliability when a HP pump is run off of the factory harness.

GM type no-kink solvent resistant fuel tube:

This fuel tube is the same type used by GM from the factory. The fuel tube is kink-resistant thanks to its ribbed design. Its special composition makes it more resistant to the solvents in today's pump gas (i.e. toluene, Xylene, MTBE, Ethanol) as compared to 
rubber / neoprene which dries out, swells and cracks.

Upgraded 14 gauge Teflon in-tank harness (C5-ITWH):

Racetronix has upgraded the factory Teflon wiring from 16 gauge to 14 gauge multi-strand copper wire. This helps 
reduce voltage drop and at the same time maintains the same level of resistance to fuel solvents as the factory wiring. Generic Walbro kits do not use Teflon wire but rather a much less expensive plastic type.

Direct-power pump wiring (no adapters / splices):

The Racetronix in-tank wiring harness is a one-piece assembly. One end has the Walbro connector and the other is fitted with GM type terminals which are installed directly into the factory connector making it true plug & play. Generic wiring harnesses require cutting and splicing of the factory wiring.

Redundant in-tank ground loop (solves factory problem):

The factory in-tank wiring has the ground from the pump and ground from the power connector split into two circuits which relies on push-lock terminals and the module's body as a ground junction source. We have seen these connectors lose and in some cases corroded. If one were to fail the pump would lose power. Racetronix has redesigned the grounding system with a daisy-chain / loop through circuit. This way there are three grounds all tied together thereby making circuit failure almost next to impossible. An extra ground is also provided via the external upgrade harness via a ground lug. This further enhances the fuel module's grounding system and eliminates the chance of a floating ground condition. A floating ground condition will cause a static buildup and potential fuel 
ignition. All harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability.

Fuel Screen / Silicon gasket seal:

A new replacement filter screen and silicon pump seal are provided

Technical note:

The Racetronix FPA-005 with FPWH-007 are capable of supporting apx. 600RWHP @ 0.5 BSFC @ 58PSI (400KPa) using factory lines. In early model C5's with rail-mounted fuel pressure regulators the above HP support can be achieved. Addition of a pump voltage booster may increase support to apx. 700RWHP. Cars with superchargers, turbos and low battery voltage may see lower HP support numbers. 

Late model C5's with the returnless rail system will not be able to achieve this level of HP support with the fuel system alone. This is because the point of regulation is at the back of the car. The location of the FPR does not allow it compensate for line pressure drop even though the pressure is stable at the back (regulator location). There are two options to get around this problem. First is to convert the system to a rail mounted FRP return type (best). The second option is to install a pump booster which is activated at the point where rail pressure starts to drop. The boost in fuel volume overwhelms the regulator / return line thereby increasing the fuel pressure at the back of the car which translates to higher pressure at the rail. We recommend the MSD unit for FI applications as it ramps the voltage based on manifold pressure. This prevents a short but abrupt fuel pressure spike which causes the motor to hiccup from brief over-fueling. If you are using an instant-on N2O system then the KB BAP can be considered as well.

Please understand that this is not an issue with the Racetronix system but rather a design limitation of the factory configuration. 

2003 C5 Corvettes can be checked for compatibility with the Racetronix fuel system. If your access port for the fuel module can be seen in front of the driver's side rear tire (under the car) then this system will work. If it is not visible then you have the new type of module which goes in from the top of the tank. The Racetronix system is not compatible with this fuel module / system. If you are not sure please have a qualified person check before ordering your system.

*current production may vary from item image

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