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Regulator, EFI -8 / -6 E85, BLACK/SILVER

Item #: REG-FI886BS


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REG-FI886BS - Fuel Pressure Regulator, EFI, Black/Silver

  • New distinctive design
  • Fuel pressure tracks boost / vacuum at 1:1 ratio
  • 35-78PSI adjustment range (maximum)
  • 1/8" NPT female gauge port with matching color plug
  • 2 x -8 ORB inlet ports
  • 1 x -6 ORB return port
  • 5mm Allen adjustment screw with 17mm lock nut
  • O-ring sealed adjustment screw
  • 1/8" Female NPT vacuum/boost port
  • 1 x 5/32" barb adapter - included
  • Mounting bracket
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Anodized black top / silver bottom
  • Field serviceable
  • Fully assembled and tested

The Racetronix REG-FI886 regulator's high flow design is recommended for fuel systems which flow upwards of 680LPH. The revised ball-seat valve design is resistant to clogging and offers responsive flow control for stable pressure regulation. Recommended base pressure range is 35-78PSI. This gen III regulator has a common 1/8" NPT boost / vacuum port (vs. 1/16") which more easily connects to a wide range of common fittings. An o-ring seal has been added under the adjustment screw / washer to reduce vacuum / boost bleed which improves regulator response and tracking error when using small signal hoses. Two large -8 ORB inlet ports allow for a high volume of pass-through fuel. The secondary port may be plugged for single ended configurations.

We offer an optional 1/8" MPT adapters which can be used to replace the vacuum port barb when used with -3 fittings and hose (under add-ons). Please see add-ons to the right of this product listing.

Racetronix offers a range of ORB fittings to configure the inlet and outlet ports to size of your choice. Depending on your flow requirements we recommend -10 through -6 ORB fittings for the regulator's inlets and -4 through -6 for the return port.

Color Item Code
Black/Blue REG-FI886BBL
Black/Gold REG-FI886BG
Black/Rainbow REG-FI886BRW
Black/Silver REG-FI886BS
Titanium/Silver REG-FI886TI

Item #:REG-FI886BBL
In Stock
Item #:REG-FI886BG
In Stock
Item #:REG-FI886BRW
In Stock