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Relay Connector Kit (SPDT) MP630S-ISO

Item #: RYCS-004
This is an obsolete Item

RYCS-004 - Tyco 630-ISO Sealed Relay Kit SPDT 12V 40/30A

This relay kit includes the following items:

This water-proof relay and socket assembly are ideal for use in harsh automotive environments. The Tyco 630-ISO series relays are ideal for demanding applications with heavy loads (high inrush currents) such as large cooling fans and N2O solenoids where current demands typically exceed 30 amps. The 630 series pull-to-seat socket terminals are rated at 46 amps which helps improve performance and reliability under heavy load conditions. A corrosion resistant removable mounting bracket is fixed to the back of the relay.

This relay and socket were used in Racetronix production harnesses manufactured in 2008 and earlier.

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