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Turbo Buick Fuel Line Kit SS Black RF QD

Item #: FLK-G7B3-GN1B

This is an obsolete Item

FLK-G7B3 - TR Fuel Line + Filter Kit, SS Teflon Black QD Fittings ($499.99) ...

This is a complete made-to-measure fuel line kit with filter and fittings for the 1986-1987 Turbo Buicks. This kit replaces all the factory lines, fittings and filter assembly. This kit is designed to be used with the factory fuel rail and factory-fit / location regulator (1).


Racetronix G7B3 kit is bundled with our new #12 billet filter housing and 10-micron stainless-magnetic filter element. A billet aluminum filter bracket is included to mount the filter housing. This assembly will provide the best protection from contaminants reaching your injectors while flowing over 900LPH with minimal pressure drop.

The lines in this kit are stainless steel braid over Teflon. The SS braid offers great durability and a conductive path to dissipate static buildup caused by flowing fuel. The Teflon core is compatible with all fuels such as E-85 and oxygenated race fuels where rubber hose is not and will break down and crack over time. Teflon hose has a lower friction coefficient than rubber hose so it will flow better given the same inner diameter. Teflon has very low permeability so it will not allow vapors to escape like rubber hose so you can say goodbye to that constant smell of gas fumes in your garage. After much flow testing we have found that a -8 feed and -6 return line provide more than enough flow capacity to support our dual in-tank fuel systems at flow rates in excess of 900LPH.

Some of the most restrictive parts in the TR fuel system are the factory Saginaw (metric) fittings. While the internally seated o-rings provide a reliable seal, they are very restrictive by design. Off-the-shelf adapter fittings are also very restrictive because they rely on the same sealing mechanism that limits the maximum internal diameter of the fitting. To get around this problem, Racetronix manufactures custom metric hose fittings to fit the factory TR fuel rail that allows for maximum flow and a positive seal. A custom Racetronix 90° high-flow low-profile swivel fitting connects to the discharge of a factory-type regulator. This fitting provides maximum flow and enough clearance for the intake runners.

A 90° gauge adapter is included along with a Racetronix 2" liquid-filled 100PSI fuel pressure gauge to mount on the factory test port.

All Racetronix fuel lines are pressure / leak tested for maximum reliability.

1. Racetronix recommends the use of an Accufab regulator. These regulators have proven to be ultra-reliable, stable and do not bleed down. We stock replacement diaphragm assemblies for both the new and old-style valve designs.

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