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In-tank Harness, MP150/280 4W> DCSS 8"


per EACH

Availability: YES

Item Code : ITWH-029

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ITWH-029 - In-tank Harness, GM > Walbro E85 Pump

  • Plug & Play
  • E85 compliant Teflon coated heavy-gauge wire

This harness is designed to connect a Walbro 430LPH E85 fuel pump (shown below) to a Delphi (GM) 280-series bulkhead connector found in many new production modules modules unsing the 280x150-series in-tank connector. 8" wire length will fit the most Delphi modules.Heavy-gauge wire supports power requirements of the HP pump.

This in-tank harness should be used with our FPWH-017 G.M. SUV fuel pump upgrade harness and RCS-028 bulkhead connector.

Bulkhead connector and pump not included.