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Filter Sock, 11mm ID, 78x85mm, G-Media

Item #: FFS-250G


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FFS-250G - 11mm Fuel Filter Sock 78 x 85mm _

  • Filter sock fits all Walbro GSS24x and 34x series pumps with 11mm O.D. inlet
  • Measures 78 x 85mm
  • Integral retaining clip
  • U.S. design premium quality 31 micron graded-media approved for new high-performance turbine and gearotor pumps

Description Item Code
Racetronix F98 / FPA-002/
FPA-017 Filter Sock Assembly
11mm FFS, 55 x 50mm FFS-017A
11mm FFS, 78 x 85mm FFS-250G
11mm FFS, 155 x 50mm FFS-240G
11mm FFS, 78 x 85mm FFS-251
11mm FFS, 79mm Round FFS-040
11mm FFS, 92.5 x 55.5mm FFS-061
22mm FFS, 104 x 42mm FFS-122A
11mm FFS, 100 x 40mm FFS-220
19mm FFS, 200 x 60mm FFS-260G
19mm FFS, 145 x 42mm FFS-111A
19mm FFS, 104 x 42mm FFS-169
22.3mm FFS, 144 x 37mm FFS-057
22mm FFS, Corvette C56
22mm FFS, 135.8 x 55mm FFS-021
77mm Round x 22mm Inlet
77mm Round x 19mm Inlet
Retail P/N: FFS-250G
Equivalent to: Walbro 125-190
Item #:GSS341
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Item #:GSS342
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Item #:GSS315
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Item #:GSS317
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Item #:GSS250
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Item #:GSS278
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