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Filter Sock, In-Tank Fuel Pump (NEW F98)

Item #: WFS-06


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WFS-06 - Racetronix F98 / FPA-002 / FPA-017 Filter Sock Assembly

Custom 11mm F98 filter sock assembly used in the Racetronix 1998 F-Body Fuel Pump Assembly (F98 / FPA-002) manufactured 2009 and later shown below. Please view image below to confirm sock type. If your sock uses the older 22mm inlet ring adapter (not shown) please contact our sales dept. for a replacement.

Description Item Code
Racetronix F98 / FPA-002/
FPA-017 Filter Sock Assembly
11mm FFS, 55 x 50mm FFS-017A
11mm FFS, 78 x 85mm FFS-250G
11mm FFS, 155 x 50mm FFS-240G
11mm FFS, 78 x 85mm FFS-251
11mm FFS, 79mm Round FFS-040
11mm FFS, 92.5 x 55.5mm FFS-061
22mm FFS, 104 x 42mm FFS-122A
11mm FFS, 100 x 40mm FFS-220
19mm FFS, 200 x 60mm FFS-260G
19mm FFS, 145 x 42mm FFS-111A
19mm FFS, 104 x 42mm FFS-169
22.3mm FFS, 144 x 37mm FFS-057
22mm FFS, Corvette C56
22mm FFS, 135.8 x 55mm FFS-021
77mm Round x 22mm Inlet
77mm Round x 19mm Inlet