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Fuel Module, 2010/11 Camaro A1000

Item #: 313-18673

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  • Fuel Pump, A1000, 90 psi Max Fuel Pressure, 600 lbs./hr. Free Flow Rate, Fuel Filter, Chevy, 6.2L, Kit

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This is an obsolete Item

313-18673 - 5th Gen Camaro Fuel System

Its here! Finally a solution for your fueling needs on the 5th Gen Camaro. Since its release in 2010, the new Camaro has not been light on potential, especially when it comes to serious horsepower. The GM LS3 engine is arguably on of the best productions engines to ever come from Detroit. Making power with these modern muscle cars is easy, quick and cheap. What these cars lack is fuel. If you plan to make any power at all, the factory fuel system is one of the first upgrades you HAVE to make. Even with a boost-a-pump changes will still need to be made around the 550 hp mark, an easily attainable number. Your options up til now have been double or triple pump hangers or a fuel cell. Not any more.

New from Aeromotive as part of their revolutionary Stealth Fuel System line, the Camaro Stealth System is a SINGLE drop in fuel pump that fits right into your factory 5th gen Camaro fuel tank. Designed to be used in a true return style fuel system, this product requires no cutting on drilling on your tank. Simply drop this pump in, clip on the fuel level sensor, hook up the quick connect fittings, tighten down with the factory lock ring and now you have an in-tank fuel pump capable of supporting up to 1400 hp (Eliminator System)

Features & Benefits:
  1. Single Drop in Fuel Pump
  2. Capable of up to 1400 hp
  3. Uses OE in-tank siphon system
  4. Seals with factory o-ring and lock ring
  5. Incorporates an integral stainless steel 100 micron pre-pump filter
  6. Allows for plumbing a true turn style fuel system
18673 A1000 Camaro Stealth Kit:
  1. Part #: 18673 (A1000)
  2. Fly Wheel HP: 1000 hp Forced Induction EFI 1300 hp Naturally Aspirated EFI
  3. Durability: Continuous duty, street or track driven
18674 Eliminator Camaro Stealth Kit:
  1. Part #: 18674 (Eliminator)*
  2. Fly Wheel HP: 1400 hp Forced Induction EFI 1900 hp Naturally Aspirated EFI
  3. Durability: Continuous duty, street or track driven
*Recommended use of P/N 16306 Speed Pump Controller for extended driving applications

What you need to know
These in-tank pump designs are based off our popular A1000 and Eliminator fuel pumps. Same as their external counterparts, just in a different envelope. While they are bolt-in replacements for the factory fuel pump, they are not designed for use with a returnless system (factory). Meaning, you MUST plumb in a return line. There are many different ways to accomplish this, whether you run a new feed and return, or reuse the original factory line as 1 of your two lines. This pump will require and external regulator, usually in the engine bay. You can however use the factory fuel rails in desired. Refer to the parts list at the bottom of this page for recommended parts..

Why a single pump versus 2 or 3 in-tank pumps?
As the popularity of these modern muscle cars has grown, fuel systems have expanded as well. One of the most common replacement systems on the market features a double or triple fuel pump hanger. While 3 pumps will supply the necessary fuel this is still a band-aid, especially in convoluted applications like these. If one pump were to suddenly quit (which happens), the car will continue to run until you put the engine under load or start to build boost. Suddenly you do not have enough fuel and usually will lead to a lean condition and catastrophic engine failure. With a single pump, if it were to have an issue or quit, the engine doesnt run. No chance for a engine failure.