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Fuel Pump Module, 03+ Corvette A1000

Item #: 313-18670


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This is an obsolete Item

313-18670 - A1000 Corvette Fuel System

Finally, a solution to your Corvettes fuel system needs. No more drilling your fuel tanks, no more risking pump failure in a 1, 2, or 3 pump set ups, no more surge tanks, no more mess. Aeromotive has engineered a patent-pending, complete drop-in fuel system available for C6 and late C5 Corvettes. The system provides a single A1000 Fuel Pump capable of supporting big HP. The best part, it's a complete drop-in assembly into your factory tank that still incorporates the factory jet siphon system. Now you can plumb a true return-style system into your Corvette without the worry of the siphon system and while using the factory fuel tank.

  1. Fits 2003 1/2 and later Corvettes (Late C5 and C6)
  2. Supports up to 1300 HP naturally aspirated
  3. Supports up to 1000 HP forced air induction
  4. ORB-10 outlet port
  5. ORB-06 return port
  6. Incorporates factory jet siphon system and sending unit
  7. Includes an integrated 100-Micron Stainless Steel pre-pump filter
  8. Utilizes the factory tank, o-ring, lock ring and mounting location
  9. Includes all necessary fittings and hardware to plumb the pump into your tank.