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Dual Pump Assembly 750LPH+, E85

Item #: DPA-680E

This is an obsolete Item

DPA-680E - 750LPH E85 Compatible Dual Pump Assembly

For customers who need enough fuel to support upwards of 1400HP, Racetronix introduces this 680LPH dual in-tank fuel pump assembly. Two Racetronix RXP340E Ethanol compatible 340LPH* pumps (typical flow 750LPH+ @ 43.5PSI @ 13.5V) are coupled using our billet dual pump coupler and stainless mounting bracket. The outlet uses 3/8" hose barb that can accommodate both rubber and plastic fuel lines. The billet coupler is fitted with Viton o-rings for a reliable push-fit seal. All components in this assembly simply slip together for simple assembly/disassembly. No clamps are required.

Replaces DPA-680


  1. 2 x Racetronix RXP340E Ethanol Compatible Turbine-Tech pumps
  2. 1 x Racetronix billet pump coupler with Viton o-rings
  3. 1 x 3/8" machined hose barb (custom for coupler)
  4. 1 x Stainless pump mounting bracket
  5. 2 x Filter socks (30-micron)
  6. 2 x 12" Teflon electrical harness w/pump connectors

We highly recommend using one of our fuel tubes (not rubber hose) with Oetiker clamps to connect this assembly to your sender. 8mm fuel tubes will require thermal expansion to fit over the 3/8" hose barb as well as most sender inlets. Typical Oetiker clamp sizes used are 12.3 (std) and 13.3mm (expanded).

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